La Romana Servizi Immobiliari is a company with noteworthy experience in real estate marketing and sale of value properties in Italy and foreign countries.

La Romana Servizi Immobiliari call on primarily at foreign investors interested to buy important real estate structures like hotels, accommodations, restaurant chains, exclusive location for events or any others activity/structure which could be of interest to foreign investors.

La Romana Servizi Immobiliari it is particularly oriented to oriental makets and arabic countries underestimating interest of investors of othes coutries in the world.With our many contacts we can provide any assistance for the startup and successful conclusion on real estate businesses and providing to both part any technical assistence, legal, notary on real estate market in order to ensure the rules and laws in Italy.

La Romana Servizi Immobiliari has technical, legal and administrative staff can to ensure with their specific high professionality in real estate market every valuation and consulting over investment proposed, furthermore inside our company we have personal be able to communicate in different languages like spanish, english, french, arabic and chinese so as communicate with the various agents and consultants interested.

The holder Romana Servizi  Immobiliari  has 25 years of experience and knowledge to locate investors, the start of contacts with the properties sellers, the process of negotiation and conclusion of the deal are guaranteed to the entire supply chain for the interest of both parties.

La Romana Servizi Immobiliari enjoys of a series of relations established with different prestigious italian properties of real estate structures implanted and launched and with economic interest that allow to submit the foreign investors to choose many opportunities.If you are interested to invest in Italy, write to info@romanaservizimmobiliari.it and reporting your requirements and the type of investment, the owner will contact you very soon.In case of interest, we will offer to you hospitality for a meeting for knowledge and to explore together the typology of investment required. The owner will contact you shortely time.

Please accept our most cordial and best regards.